It’s a Funny Old World

It’s a Funny Old World

This book is very much a sequel to, When Bees Flew in for Breakfast in terms of both style and content. As with its predecessor, It’s a Funny Old World is written primarily for those in the 11-16 age group who think that reading has got nothing to do with entertainment.

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About the Book

This poetry collection is short enough not to be threatening, but sufficiently varied and accessible to persuade the most reluctant of readers. An ideal introduction to reading for pleasure.


In my job as a teacher, I am continually confronted with the fact that most young people have a purely functional understanding of reading; that the one and only purpose of reading is to gain necessary information. The idea that one can approach a text in exactly the same way that one can instinctively approach, say, a piece of music, for example, is alien to most young people, in my experience. This book is a small attempt to change that mindset.

Genre: Poetry
Publisher: The Choir Press
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback
Length: 48
ASIN: 1789630487
ISBN: 9781789630480
List Price: £6.99
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