Time to Rhyme

Time to Rhyme

This book is something of a departure from my other publications in that it is an attempt to introduce young children to the poetic use of language without the use of humour to keep them engaged. The focus is on both textual and visual imagery.

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About the Book

A unique resource for Early Years' Literacy classes This book features three variations on the theme of time which together introduce young readers to the cyclical rhythms of the seven days of the week, the four seasons, and the twelve months of the calendar year. Useful as both a charming story and a unique teaching resource, the twenty-four beautiful illustrations by Peter David Scott help provide discussion points for the young reader and adult to talk through. The ever-shifting scenery of the English countryside is the setting for this gentle and lyrical depiction of the passing of time as refracted through the prism of a child's imagination.


Genres: Childrens, Poetry
Publisher: Troubador Publishing
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Peter David Scott
ASIN: 1789013976
ISBN: 9781789013979
List Price: £7.74
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